When Craftsmanship Meets Technology

PinZo, a combined solution from Azzurro and ROTAIR redefines efficiency of the paving industry

In the evolving landscape of construction, Azzurro and ROTAIR have jointly introduced an innovative machine set to redefine the process of paver installation: the ROTAIR mini truck Rampicar R70 with a specialised pincer arm attachment ‘PinZo’ invented by Azzurro. These combined technologies are a game-changer in the world of interlocking concrete pavers, offering a significant leap in efficiency and comfort of use.

This collaboration combines Azzurro's metalworking expertise with insights from professional paving block installers who have developed a mechanical solution for the laborious process of transporting paving blocks from the pallet to the spot where they will be laid. As part of the project, Azzurro provided the technical expertise and resources to bring their idea to life.

Following extensive testing of various options, Azzurro opted to adapt ROTAIR’s hydrostatic mini dumper, the Rampicar R70, as the ideal base for integrating the innovative pincer. After a series of minor modifications, Azzurro successfully combined their pincer with a multi-functional arm from the Rampicar R70. This integration resulted in an exceptionally effective solution, tailor-made for the demands and complexities of the paving industry.

Design Details of the Pincer

Integration with Rampicar R70

The ROTAIR Rampicar R70 plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of the pincer. As a tracked unit, the R70 provides a stable and manoeuvrable platform for the pincer mechanism. The hydrostatic system of the Rampicar R70 offers distinct advantages over traditional hydraulic systems. Firstly, hydrostatic systems provide smoother and more controlled movements. In the context of paver installation, this translates to greater precision in manoeuvring the pincer and the handling of the load. Hydraulic systems, while powerful, often lack this level of finesse, which can lead to jerkier movements and less precise control.

Secondly, a significant advantage of the Rampicar R70 is its ability to be steered with just a single joystick. This feature enables operation with one hand while simultaneously manoeuvring the lever that controls the tool with the other. This provides smoother, more progressive commands to both the tracks and the pincer arm attachment. The one-handed joystick operation of the Rampicar R70 presents a stark contrast to hydraulic units, which necessitate the use of both hands either to move or operate the tool. This capability is especially valuable in confined spaces, ensuring high precision in movement and markedly reducing the risk of disturbing previously laid blocks.

Thirdly, the whole system is very efficient from the perspective of power distribution. Hydrostatic systems can more effectively translate engine power into hydraulic power, offering better fuel efficiency and overall performance. Hydrostatic systems also typically require less maintenance than hydraulic systems, as they have fewer moving parts and are less prone to leaks.

Additional attachments

Azzurro has also introduced a innovative accessory for the Rampicar that significantly streamlines the finishing process. This special brush attachment is designed to evenly distribute sand over laid pavers, a task that has traditionally been performed by hand. Operators can efficiently spread small mounds of sand along a predetermined path, and as the Rampicar passes, the brush works to push the right quantity of sand into the joints between the pavers. Complementing this brush is a versatile bucket attachment, essential for transporting sand across the worksite. The Shovel accessory is also applicable and is available in three sizes (large, medium, small), making it ideal for transporting sand and gravel. This further enhances the versatility of the Rampicar. Finally, the Hook, a multi-purpose hook arm, proves to be an essential accessory for lifting large-format curbs and concrete slabs, expanding the operational capabilities of this essential tool.

The quick and easy interchangeability of these accessories enhances the Rampicar’s functionality, transforming it into a multi-faceted tool that can adapt to various stages of the paving process with ease.


The PinZo presents several advantages that have a significant impact on the installation process.

Installation Efficiency

The transportation of pavers, a notably strenuous task in paving projects, is redefined by Azzurro's technology. By mechanizing the transfer of pavers from pallets to the point of installation, the system markedly reduces the labor and time traditionally spent on this process. This approach not only alleviates the back-breaking effort of manual loading and potential paver damage but also streamlines worksite preparation, leading to significant cost and labor savings.

Labour and Ergonomic Benefits

From a labour perspective, PinZo offers substantial ergonomic benefits mechanising the most strenuous aspects of the job. Minimising the physical strain associated with manual handling of pavers such as lifting and transporting which often lead to fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders among workers.

Economic Analysis

Economically, the initial cost of the equipment is offset by several factors: reduced labour costs due to the need for fewer workers, decreased time spent on installation, and potential reduction in workplace injury-related costs. Moreover, the increased speed of installation means that contractors can complete more projects in a shorter timeframe, enhancing profitability. This tool offers an exceptional return on investment, often paying for itself within just six months.


PinZo by Azzurro, resulting from a unique collaboration between metal carpentry experts, manufacturer of a wide range of high technology products for construction industry and seasoned block installers, is the first of its kind on the market and sets its users apart from traditional, time consuming and much less efficient methods. By improving the installation process through enhanced speed, efficiency and educed labour strain. Azzurro and ROTAIR have set a new standard in this industry field.