• 1946

    ROTAIR began its history

    Italy was coming out of the Second World War, trying to rebuild in entirety. There was a need to improve efficiency of work done and Mario Musso, an innovative mechanic assembled a 6 HP petrol engine to be coupled to a concrete mixer or a winch, to fill the needs of masons for lifting loads and to mix huge quantities of concrete. He found ways to reuse damaged war plane parts ( cylinders, pistons,etc). He improved fuel efficiency so much that 2 litres of petrol was sufficient for 8hours of work. His work was patented and all cement mixers, all hoist-lifts of the Piemonte Region were working with a Musso engine.

  • 1950

    Innovation of Wood Transporting Winch

    A special winch for cable transport of wood in mountain areas was innovated and produced to satisfy both the wood-rich valleys of northern Italy and also in the nearer regions.

  • 1960

    Piston compressors were designed

    First piston compressors were designed and built with the production of small engines, expanding their area of distribution from Northern Italy and some areas of Southern to Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

  • 1970

    ROTAIR Caragliese was formed

    In 1970 the company took the name ROTAIR CARAGLIESE,

  • 1980

    ROTAIR SPA was formed

    Upon the initiative of the founder, Mario Musso and his associate Giovanni Donadio, it became ROTAIR SPA.

  • 1982

    Screw profile was patented

    The new screw profile was patented and the new production started, opening new markets outside Europe.

  • 1988

    Hydraulic Breakers were innovated

    Taking start from some original ideas of Mario Musso kept in a drawer, a range of hydraulic breaker was manufactured and put onto the market, to fill the needs of customers for little and medium size operating machines.

  • 1997

    First RAMPICAR designed

    Marked the launch of the first RAMPICAR minitransporter, to complete the range of products for building sector. Soon it turned out a winning ace also for agriculture, vineyards and forest management

  • 2012

    ROTAIR became part of ELGI

    ROTAIR became part of the ELGI GROUP. A mid-size yet worldwide spread Company teaming up with a big, solid and globalized group, both sharing a core of simple and positive values. A good viaticum to continue this timeline of innovation, customer attention and success.

Throughout time, ROTAIR has made a point in listening to its Customers, identify their specific needs and try to respond as closest as possible to their expectations, offering state-of-the-art technology with personalized solutions, with an eye on maintenance and service costs and durability. It has made all possible efforts to become THE COMPANY THAT LISTENS!