ROTAIR Announces the Global Launch of Award-Winning New Portable Air Compressors at SaMoTer

The company announces the launch of new more sustainable portable air compressors and a new lightweight hydraulic breaker together with examples of its full portfolio at SaMoTer, Verona, Italy 3 -7 May 2023

Caraglio, Italy April 21, 2023: ROTAIR SPA, a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high technology portable air compressors, multi-functional dumpers and hydraulic breakers for more than 60 years and a brand of ELGi Equipments Limited, announced the global launch of its MDVN34E and MDVN32B portable air compressors, winners of SaMoTer's 2023 Innovation Award for "Other Machinery / Utility".

The main highlight of the event is the global launch of two new portable air compressors: MDVN34E and MDVN32B. These compressors have been awarded the "Innovation Award" by SaMoTer for their operational flexibility, sustainable electrification, and ability to solve real construction site problems.

The MDVN32 project was developed to have a common base that can accommodate both an electric motor or petrol 40 HP to develop 3200 litres/min of compressed air-with the possibility of also having an option with a generator-and remain within the European Stage V regulations. The award-winning portable air compressors additionally have European road homologation enabling their use across the European Union.

The MDVN34E electric portable air compressor The unit was created to offer construction sites 3400 liters/min compressed air, without the use of internal combustion engines, to work in those municipalities and sites where diesel engines have been banned. Its design allows it to be connected to the construction site's electric network and allows the air flow rate to be modulated according to the user's demand.

The MDVN32B petrol portable air compressor On the same chassis and body, ROTAIR also offers a 40HP petrol engine variant capable of delivering 3200 litres/min at a constant 7 bar, within the Stage V parameters. The performance, on the other hand, is equal if not superior, to diesel Stage V engines, with significant savings on product purchase price. An optional generator will also be available within the units’ architecture.

“ROTAIR has always prided itself on designing and building innovative solutions that address our customers' current and future needs. Our new electric portable air compressor, the MDVN34E, is leading this evolution towards cleaner and more practical energy that can be harnessed for optimal performance and reliability." said Giuseppe Donadio, managing director of ROTAIR S.p.A., "That approach extends to the MDVN32B petrol portable air compressor, which stays well below the parameters of emissions state with Stage V."

The new OL95ST lightweight hydraulic breakerThe redesigned and engineered OL95ST is ROTAIR’s new 95kg hydraulic breaker. The innovative and new design reduces material and production costs, passing on those cost savings to the customer while maintaining the impact energy and the well renowned ROTAIR quality and reliability. The new breakers meet the same standards as the existing range in terms of very low vibration, compact design, and power. This is the first to be redesigned, with new models across the lightweight series of hydraulic breakers from ROTAIR available soon.

In addition to the new compressors launched at SaMoTer, ROTAIR will display examples from the full range of portable air compressors, hydraulic breakers, and tracked mini-dumpers. On their stand, visitors can see:

  • VRK Fibra Plus: Specifically conceived, designed, and manufactured for ‘last mile’ fiber optic cable laying. The compact design is extremely maneuverable, easy to lift and transport, and is inbuilt with a single or double cooler depending on air temperature demand and a condensates separator.
  • MDVN53ECO5 with inbuilt aftercooler: An example of ROTAIR’s comprehensive and redesigned MDVN range of portable air compressors for ‘medium mile’ fiber optic cable laying at 14 bar pressure.
  • Rampicar R70 and R100: Designed for professional users, they have an ideal balance between price and performance. They are equipped with fully hydrostatic transmissions to aid smooth operation for powerful requirements of various jobs in renovation sites and civil works.
  • Lightweight and Heavyweight Hydraulic Breakers: A comprehensive portfolio of hydraulic breakers with a plate weight from 50 kg to 2200 kg to meet wide-ranging demolition needs.

Since the company started operations in 1961 in Piemonte, Italy, ROTAIR SPA has partnered with customers to develop adaptable and customisable portable compressed air solutions. ROTAIR’s main product categories include portable compressed air solutions, hydraulic breakers and Rampicar, a range of tracked mini-dumpers.

Visit ROTAIR at SaMoTer, Verona, Italy, 3 – 7 May HALL 8 - STAND B8

Journalists and media are invited to visit the stand to meet with management and learn more about the company's products. Senior management will be available to show how ROTAIR products can make a difference.

ROTAIR S.p.A. a brand of ELGi Equipments Limited, designs, engineers and manufactures customer-centric portable air compressors, multi-functional minidumpers and hydraulic breakers. Since the company was founded in 1961, ROTAIR has become renowned for its heritage of pioneering solutions for the construction, public works and maintenance and agricultural sectors while ensuring conformity with international standards in terms of quality and processes. With a global presence spanning more than 60 countries, ROTAIR stands apart in the market by partnering with customers and end-users to design products and solutions ensuring reliable use, low cost of maintenance and future-proofing their value. For further information on the organisation and its products, please visit

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