PMH IndustrieExpands Collaboration with ROTAIR RampicarProviding Unique Solutions for Champagne Growers

The new unit in the range of Rampicar Special Vignobleis designed specifically to operate in viticulture fields and include increased hydraulic output and customisable solutions while meeting the EU Stage V compliance fordiesel particulate emissions

Caraglio, Italy - Octoberxx, 2023: PMH Industrie, renowned for its innovative vineyard cultivation solutions and a partner with ROTAIR in developing a wide range of viticulture management tools and solu tions, today announced a new step in its nearly 30 years collaboration with ROTAIRS.p.a.The collaboration has resulted in the joint development of the Rampicar Special Vignoble rangemeeting the ever-increasing demands by champagne growers for versatile hydraulic platforms that support vineyard management.

The Rampicar Special Vignoblerange is based on ROTAIR’s successful range ofRampicarfully hydrostatic mini dumpers. The Special Vignoblerange has been jointly developed and enhanced over the past 30 years, together with PMH Industrie, to meet the increasing demands of wine growers, and specifically champagne growers.

"We developed the first RampicarVignoble Special nearly 30 years ago for applying crop protection to the vines when aerial application was banned. Since then, we have continually found new ways of meeting the needs of champagne growers with this versatile and powerful solution from ROTAIR,”says Bruno Pasquier, head of PMH Industrie. "Together with ROTAIR, we have developed a very powerful hydraulic platform, doubling the normal hydraulic output available in the Rampicar range, allowing for multiple vineyard tasks, from mulching, to crop protection application and to moving heavy loads. At the same time, this increased power and capability has been achieved while meeting stringent EU Stage V compliance for diesel emissions in the case of the new R70.4 model.”

Rampicar Special Vignoble Range with increased hydraulic output:

  • Rampicar R 70.1 – 21 litres plus an additional 14 litres hydraulic output
  • Rampicar R70.2 – 33 litres plus an additional 12 litres hydraulic output
  • Rampicar R70.4 – 43 litres plus an additional 12 litres hydraulic output

Vineyard management applications:

The increased hydraulic output of the Vignoble Special range represents nearly double the standard hydraulic output of the comparable Rampicars and allows for fully customisable solutions developed by PMH Industrie:

Rampicar Special Vignoble Range with increased hydraulic output:

  • High pressure crop protection atomizer allows for the efficient and targeted spraying of crop protection products and reduced use of active ingredients required.
  • Trimming vines and mulching to improve the vineyard growing conditions.
  • Ground works
  • Transportation of materials and products.

New R70.4 diesel fully compliant with EU Stage V diesel emissions for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)

Developed to specifically meet the new EU Stage V requirements, the enhanced power unit of the R70.4 produces more power to support the increased hydraulic output required while meeting more stringent emissions limits.

Designed for vineyards

  • The narrow footprint of Rampicar, at only 680mm, makes it ideal for passing between the narrow rows of vines (between 90cm and 1.2m), especially in the Champagne region.
  • The hydraulic motors have been specially engineered to operate efficiently on uneven surfaces and steep inclines such as is common in wine growing territory.
  • The normal hydraulic brake has been augmented with an additional manual brake to ensure safe operation on uneven and steep surfaces.
  • Highly portable and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other machinery performing similar tasks, the Rampicar Special Vignobleunits can be easily transported on vans and light trucks to move to different vineyards.

“The RampicarVignoble units are increasingly popular with growers,meeting the challenges encountered in vineyard operations in hilly terrains, where stability and manoeuvrability are essential," continuedBruno PasquierPMH Industrie.“Our partnership extends beyond the sale, reflecting our mutual belief in delivering customised solutions and a comprehensive and reliable service experience – playing our small part in ensuring the Champagne continues to flow.”

"We are proud to announce that through our collaboration with PMH Industrie, we are able to provide an innovative solution for the challenges faced by Champagne growers,”says Giuseppe Donadio, managing director of ROTAIR S.p.A. “ROTAIR prides itself on our flexible approach to problem-solving and developing tailor-made solutions that meet their needs of our diverse customers and their industries.”

The collaboration between ROTAIR Spa and PMH Industrie is geared towards further developing the wide variety of attachments critical for viticulture operations with leaf-cutting, more efficient mulchers for managing vine branches and leaves, mowers, and weed and grass removal systems available from PMH Industrie.