Rotair is known in the industry for providing custom-engineered solutions to meet its clients’ needs. The company collaborates with clients to understand their changing needs and designs solutions accordingly. Long-term partnering has been our key differentiating factor.

COMPRESSORS - Efficient Screws
Efficient Screws

Over 50 years of experience and on-going research and investment in the air compressor field. The ROTAIR screw sets are patented and manufactured in-house and designed to meet the stringent quality standards.

COMPRESSORS - Intelligent System

Icon-01The “Intelligent System” enables a pre-heating of the engine without overloading it, the airend will start working only when the perfect conditions are reached. The same happens while turning off the machine after a depressurization phase of the hydraulic circuit. There is no hammering of the airend due to its inertial movement, but a gradual turn-off happens.

COMPRESSORS - Fuel Saving System
Fuel Saving System

The exclusive ROTAIR fuel saving system allows to achieve significant fuel savings compared to a compressor with a standard fuel systems. During the phase when the compressed air is not required, the system allows to compress air at a much lower pressure than normal standard operation pressure thus saving fuel consumption significantly.

COMPRESSORS - Emission Compliance
Emission Compliance

ROTAIR is the first manufacturer to have Tier 4 Final compliant units on the US market, without the need of a costly DPF filtration system. ROTAIR takes care of the environment by respecting all the latest emission norms throughout the world (Europe, US), by using water-based paints and respecting the most advanced norms in terms of noise level.

The special inner design of “suspended beating body” ensures a reduced operation noise and less vibrations to the carrier arm, with advantages in terms of comforts and wear.

HYDRAULIC BREAKERS - Recovery of Breaking Power

hydraulicThe exclusive ROTAIR inner design permits an elastic recovery of beating power, to strengthen the beating capacity stroke after stroke.


Rampicar was designed to help the local construction and agriculturalists in its home region.  It is the most compact and narrow machine designed with a special cut especially for vineyards. The distribution of weights enables an ease in facing steep gradients. Equipped with tracks, it can turn in any direction and in little spaces. Fully hydro-static and comes with multiple accessories enabling it to be multi functional machine.

RAMPICAR - Hydraulic Mono-Joystick

Fully hydrostatic machine, can be smoothly driven and maneuvered through the exclusive mono-joystick, in a smooth, precise and intuitive way.

RAMPICAR - Tracks Profile
The special profile of the front tracks is designed to ease the passing of obstacles (steps, gradients…)