Rotair is known to meet the needs of its customers. Our goal is to supply products that meet the needs of our end customers in terms of technology, safety, compliance with international, national or local regulations.

Rotair’s costs are structured in a manner to assure profitability to our customers. We specialize in listening to our customers and understanding their requirements and delivering their fully customized product at the right price and time. Our customized products follow the same rules and procedures when it comes to quality and standards.

We fully customize products be it in choice of color, range of options like Spark arrestor, trolley with/without brakes, adjustable tow bar, etc., we are ready to meet the demand. Rotair’s manufacturing systems and procedures are flexible enough to accommodate the special requirements of its customers to get that machine which is perfect for that customer. Our experienced designers and engineers can provide customized solutions for all Rotair’s product ranges, compressed air, Rampicar, Breakers and Speedy cutters.

The design can be customized to support extra accessories or special accessories can be designed for suiting the customer need. These customizations are purely based on customer needs and budgets.

Rampicar customization’s are agreed upon with distributors to offer the best match and use for all types of accessories and applications.Except for VRH compressors, which are a specific product, set for any single carrier on which it has to be fitted, most of our other products can be customized on a need basis and project basis. Contact us and we will help you get your perfect solution/machine.